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Pastor Lynton Turkington

I first met Dave Hodgson on a flight from Los Angeles to Brisbane, Australia. It didn’t take long for me to figure out the lens through which he views life and business. As a pastor for four decades, I have taught a strong Kingdom message and endeavour to empower believers to fulfil their God-ordained purpose, whether it be in business or church ministry. While I am one of many voices saying and preaching the same thing, I haven’t seen many people actually living by Kingdom principles in business and prospering to a significant level that their influence is impacting the culture around them.

Dave’s message and life have converged into a full-blown example of Kingdom living and business acumen. His down to earth style and unassuming attitude make him an exceptional communicator with real life stories of adventure, making him a riveting listen.

When Dave spoke at my church in North Carolina, he left an amazing impression. Through the example of his life, people’s vision increased, a new belief in God’s capacity to provide, and a better understanding of our Kingdom assignment were imparted. People got to hear and meet someone living in Kingdom authority and abundance with sound biblical support and practical wisdom in application. He’s the real deal.

While Dave Hodgson is unique in the way he operates, I believe he is a great example of what and how God sees us all of us functioning as His people on the earth. Living out the scripture…Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Pastor Lynton Turkington. Celebration Church, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.


Steve Wanmer – Business Coach

After lunching with you many years ago, listening to and being inspired by your vision, I have been challenged to persevere through whatever trials have come my way. Although these have been many, I have been privileged to invest myself into mentoring hundreds of other business owners. The principle ‘all shall prosper’ is so powerful and the Biblical teaching on business has now positioned me for going after the huge goal God has given me for the future.

ActionCOACH North Brisbane

ph: 07 3205 1285


Dave Bugler – Director

I have been attending KI since its inception 2004, at Empower Church on the Sunshine Coast.

It has been an amazing journey of discovery, insight and indeed fun following God’s revelations, and Dave’s incredible journey of faith, success and intimacy with our Lord Yeshua Messiah.

The essence of KI teaching is not found in our mainstream churches, yet it pioneers a new revelation in business. I have found KI is where true teaching of Christian business principles are, backed with real-life practical examples.

Guest speakers give testimonies of their failures, successes and trials, to encourage others to do God’s will and that they too can succeed in the market place within their individual gifts and anointing.

Topics covered are as varied as that which we meet in the business world on a daily basis. I have brought Christian and non-Christian guests to KI of whom, as a result, have become motivated and encouraged, seeing Kingdom business in a new light.

I highly recommend signing up for KI whether you are a new follower, an inexperienced business person or an experienced market place leader. There is always something new and fresh for everyone.

Yohan Dantan- Managing Director

Joining Kingdom Investors and learning from Dave has literally been one of the BEST investments of my entire life. Before KI, I had zero idea what my calling or assignment was and I was so ineffective for the Kingdom. But what was worse, I was unconscious to just how much. Now, I know exactly what my calling from God is with 100% clarity and am moving with God-given velocity step by step. The documentary style videos where you literally get to see on the ground, practical Kingdom transformation is life changing. Why? Well because not only do you get the level of knowledge and understanding from a Kingdom Giant running an $800 million dollar+ company for the Kingdom and transforming the world, but you also see documentary style the practical details and step by step ‘how’ that will make a REAL difference in your life, your relationship with God, your business, family and really every area of your life. Joining KI will challenge and equip you to be so much more in Christ, so much more for the Kingdom, the world and all those around you.

Dante Property Group:


Alex Lau: CEO & Head Of Strategy

I am dropping you a line to share our business growth over the last year, after applying the principles KI has taught (amongst other business decisions):

  • tripled in revenue in the last 6 months
  • overall 208% growth in net profit in FY 2017
  • 6 months ahead in cashflow
  • have generated a small cash reserve for profit distribution to key staff
  • created 1 full time position
  • doubled our casual staff’s pay by offering them more ongoing work
  • 3 of our key contractors now have a retainer with us to provide stable income
  • HUGE client success, including one Christian charity raised $130K in 12 weeks in an online campaign on a $2600 ad budget.

Most importantly, we are definitely experiencing the favour of God, especially trying to implement the All Shall Prosper concept into everything we do from operations, account management to marketing.

So praise God for your heart and everything your team does in KI. I aspire myself to play a part in the workings of KI one day, but I will prayerfully wait on the Lord.


Joseph Matthew

I have attended KI Gold Coast, diligently for 3 years, when possible as the IT helper while acting as Managing Director of Software WORX Australia. The principles and stories of Dave have impacted many decisions and I have experienced multiplication in my Australian business. I was also able to establish Software WORX INC in the US, and the Lord his help directed it in a way with far more multiplication possibilities than the Australian one, different from things I had planned! The principles of multiplication, waiting on the Lord for guidance and many values developed in me, were partly influenced by personal stories of Dave, testimonies, and stories of others I met at KI, that I am most grateful for.




Paul Bartolo – Senior Pastor

As the Lead Pastor of Empower Church I have been honoured to host Kingdom Investors along with our team for 7 years. KI has had tremendous benefits for our business and market place people, it has helped them to understand their God given assignments and build in the market place with a Kingdom mindset. The teaching is always helpful and useful in a practical and spiritual way and anyone who chooses to apply what they learn will see results both personally and in their business.

Paul Bartolo –


Sam Vendermark – Director

I’ve been apart of Kingdom Investors now for about a year. The wisdom I have received from Wez and the team has been greatly beneficial not only to my business, but to me as an individual and a Christian. The opportunity to glean biblical principles applied to the betterment of my business, and in turn, my community is something I value highly. Thank you, keep it up.

ph: 1300 996 917


Alan Neethling

I have been involved in KI since its inception. Our business has tripled over the last 6 years. Dave and his team are passionate about seeing businesses prosper in Australia. The KI teaching is practical and based on real life experiences and testimonies from those speak confirm their faith and trust in God who is our business partner.

The fundamentals of how to conduct a righteous business are emphasized at all meetings. We have implemented a number of the teachings and applied them to our business – the following are a few examples.

  1. Customers and suppliers need to see that we are different and will not conduct any business in an unethical way no matter how tempting the opportunity may be.
  2. Customers will trust us to do the right thing even if it costs us.
  3. Gleaning -where we always do a fair deal and don’t squeeze every last $ out of the deal.
  4. Expect favour when you do business and don’t be surprised when you do deals with people or companies that were out of your reach.
  5. Invest in time with the Lord and he will make more time for you to run your business.
  6. Pay your taxes – with a glad hard- this has been extremely difficult to apply however we refuse to discredit or badmouth the tax office- no matter what our outstanding tax bill is.


Richard Wheaton – Manager

I have been attending Kingdom Investors on the Sunshine Coast for a few years now. It is always worth the trip from Brisbane to Caloundra.

The teaching Dave Hodgson gives is always helpful as well as straight out of the Bible. I have learned a lot from those messages. I am so glad Dave emphasises listening to God. I have found this to be so important in running a business and also generally in life.

The guest speakers have been very challenging and inspiring as they have told their personal stories of both successes and failure. These have encouraged everyone present to do their God-given Kingdom assignments.

The principles shared at KI have contributed to the growth of the business I manage in Queensland. It has gone from virtually nothing to well over $500,000 turnover per year in around 4 years. I thank God for His blessing and favour in that growth.

I would have no hesitation in recommending to business people that they absorb as much of these teachings as they can. It will help grow both the Kingdom of God and their businesses. It will also help them grow personally.

I am about to begin transitioning to retirement. (Just turned 67). I only wish I had heard this teaching in my younger years. I am sure it would have been a great help then as it has been recently.

I thank God for the ministry of KI. A big thanks to Dave Hodgson who has sacrificed a lot personally and financially to run these meetings.

Richard Wheaton, Queensland Manager

Hollyhock Batteries Plus (HB Plus)


Richard Jefferies

I’ve been attending KI for about 8 years, and have found the content to be of the highest quality for building a successful and ethical business, that will benefit the broader community.

The information is presented in a way that is practical and easy to apply and from people who are in the field of business dealing with the same sort of challenges we all face daily.

Wez Hone – Business Owner

Kingdom Investors has been so valuable for me to see the bigger picture for the Kingdom. Attending KI has raised the standards and expectations in my own walk with Jesus. I am very grateful for Dave.




Greg McInnes – Professional Singer-Songwriter

I have been attending KI for 3 years now. I first came to bring my teenage entrepreneurial son and got so much out of it personally I kept coming back. I have since started small businesses. I have been challenged to stay faithful in my giving to the house of God and to focus on blessing others, not seeking to get for myself. I am a professional singer-songwriter-guitarist. My assignment is to provide inspiration and hope to many via my music and I aim to do this world wide. Currently, I entertain at private and cooperate functions, weddings, parties, clubs, bar and cafes with covers and originals with Godly messages.



Andrew Lennox – Director

We are only a young company and have only recently been exposed to KI, but already we can see that building our business on the biblical principles taught by the KI team will position us for God to bring supernatural increase for substantial kingdom impact.

Andrew Lennox, Director, Lennox Planning and Development Pty Ltd


Nathan Harris – Director

“As the director of JNJ Mech Services, I have been attending KI for 5 Years now and love the networking opportunity. During this time we have applied the teachings, particularly all shall prosper in every transaction, and continue to see strong growth as a result. I would recommend to any business operator to get involved.”

Nathan Harris,

Director JNJ Mech Services



Robyn Flegler – Owner/Director

Thank you KI, over the years our business has benefited from the teaching, networking and ongoing support. There is a wealth of knowledge that we, as business owners, can tap into in a safe and confidential environment. I strongly recommend KI to anyone, whether your are a new Start-Up or long term business owner, operator or business leader.

Robyn Flegler, Owner/Director, F.A.R.M. Business Investments, trading as Red Mo Haircutters.



I have had the awesome honour and pleasure of getting to know David Hodgson who heads Kingdom Investors. A man of such honour and integrity and a true example of faith that works by love. A man who loves God our Father with all his heart and who truly leads by example. An unforgettable testimony of Lords grace at work in a life in the most adverse of circumstances when faced with such injustice and corruption in business…arising triumphant in Lord every time. The impartations at KI are just so invaluable. The Lord has truly annointed David as a general to lead and activate the kings of the body of Christ to take hold of the blessing and steward the blessings so practically and wisely to glorify our father in heaven; Psalm 67 is coming to pass before our very eyes ever so rapidly. God be merciful to us and bless us and cause your face to shine upon us that thy way may be known on the earth and thy saving health among all nations. Let the people praise me, let all the peoples praise me then shall the earth yeild her increase and god even our own God will bless us. God will bless us and ALL the ends of the earth shall fear our God.