KI is has chapters all over the world and Dave Hodgson and his team speak at conferences, economic summits, churches, business groups, universities, and on the media. Most of the KI chapters hold monthly meetings which are free and are open to the public, however some may charge a small fee to cover costs.

Enjoy an evening of coffee, tea and finger food with outstanding marketplace teaching, networking and business opportunities. If you would like to attend one of these events, please RSVP below or send an inquiry to the event organiser.

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We have two outstanding speakers, the founder of KI, Dave Hodgson and his wife Merlene Hodgson.


Progressing on from the message I delivered in March about God’s Process of Progressive Provision and the message I delivered in August about Unconditional Commitment to Your Promised Land I will be speaking on changing our mindsets to “Be Brave” (as in Joshua 1:6-9) in terms of our abilities to create large multiples in our businesses and investment strategies in order to fund the Kingdom of God.  One of my greatest frustrations is seeing how secular people are willing to engage in bold business and investment decisions while Christians are stuck in the “I won’t do that because it is too good to be true” paradigm of the Babylonian economy.  The entire Bible is full of scriptures of how people made hundreds and even thousands of percent per annum and yet Christians do not avail themselves of the opportunities the Lord sends to them.  I will give practical examples on how we and others have made massive returns totalling hundreds of millions because we were willing to “be brave” and trust God’s economic system of multiplication.


We are really blessed to have scored a fantastic guest speaker, Merlene Hodgson. Merlene has lived an incredible life as an impermissible single mum in colonial Africa,  bringing up two boys in war-torn Rhodesia, moving to Botswana, then South Africa, then Singapore, until eventually migrating to Australia in the 1980s.  These days Merlene is a co-owner and manages the accounts of over 30 companies and trusts in Paladin Group, is the Managing Director of a large Fernwood Women’s Health Club in Canberra, is a qualified Professional Trainer, a Certified Practitioner of Meta Dynamics, and an Accredited Practitioner in Extended Disc.

Merlene will be talking on Understanding Yourself and Others: Why do some people ‘get you’ and others don’t?  In life and business, 90% of all success comes from your ability to read and understand people. We all know people who want to win, people who love a chat, people who are dependable and people who just want to be right.  Gain a better understanding of your personality and behavioral strengths, improve communication, develop self-awareness and pinpoint what motivates and de-motivates you.  Learn why some people are inspired by challenges, others are inspired by people, some are inspired by doing things right whilst others are inspired by doing things well.  Join Merlene Hodgson at Kingdom Investors in Melbourne for a helicopter ride over the 4 behavioral styles to gain a better understanding of what makes you and others tick.

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