KI is has chapters all over the world and Dave Hodgson and his team speak at conferences, economic summits, churches, business groups, universities, and on the media. Most of the KI chapters hold monthly meetings which are free and are open to the public, however some may charge a small fee to cover costs.

Enjoy an evening of coffee, tea and finger food with outstanding marketplace teaching, networking and business opportunities. If you would like to attend one of these events, please RSVP below or send an inquiry to the event organiser.

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Kingdom Investors is a unique marketplace ministry that intentionally teaches Christian men and women how to multiply their businesses to influence and change culture. These teachings are taught by business people who have built large multi-million dollar businesses that are making a global impact.


Dave grew up in Africa during the turbulent ’60s and ’70s.  He was conscripted into the Rhodesian Army and joined the SAS.  He fought behind enemy lines against two armies across three countries for four years.
Forced to leave Zimbabwe and stateless, Dave became a commercial saturation diver in the oil fields of South East Asia and Japan.  Eventually, he immigrated to Australia, where he came to know the Lord Jesus during an amazing encounter with the Lord at a Reinhart Bonnke Crusade.
Dave is the Founder and MD of the Australian based Paladin Group of Companies, now valued in excess of 1 billion dollars.  Paladin has interests in Mining, Telco Construction, IT, Health and Fitness, and Investment Banking, and has businesses in 9 countries.
Dave is a sought-after speaker whose lectures are presented at conferences, seminars, business groups, churches, universities, radio and television, and at economic summits all over the world.  Dave teaches how he learnt to do God’s will God’s way resulting in a meteoric rise from $76,000 worth of credit card debt and no assets, to a $100 million business in two years and seven months.
In 2007 Dave founded Kingdom Investors (KI) ( www.kingdominvestors.com.au ), a marketplace ministry which has spread around Australia and Overseas.  KI is using its vast marketplace experience to teach Christian businesspeople to multiply their incomes and their influence to be part of a strategic vision to create the world’s first “Sheep Nations”, as portrayed by Jesus in Matthew 25.
Dave has been married to Merlene for 37 years, they have 5 adult “children”, 8 grandchildren, and one great-granddaughter.


Nneka is a Transformative Leadership Coach & Strategic Business Advisor with over 25 years of combined experience in general, financial and sales management, strategic planning, and thinking.
She is a professionally qualified Accountant with an MBA and strong international working experience across 12 countries.
She is the Founder of Enspire Business Solutions, an International Business Advisory firm that provides Accounting & CFO services, Entrepreneurial Growth Courses & Coaching Programs.
Nneka sits on the boards of several companies.
She is also a certified John Maxwell Coach and is passionate about inspiring and empowering those she encounters to become their best selves while living significant lives.
She writes a weekly personal leadership blog to thousands and inspires more through her social media channels.



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