KI Chapters provide participants with the opportunity to enjoy free finger food, networking and world class teaching from leaders whom the Lord has built substantial businesses through. Some of which are running multi-million, even billion dollar businesses.

The objective of these nights is to equip you in building your influence and affluence to bring Gods culture into the Marketplace and reach a strategic tipping point in your city or nation.

The overall objective is to train participants in a course on how to trade God’s way and this will qualify them to be issued with a KIBN (Kingdom Investment Business Number)

If we can issue enough KIBNs to equal 6% of the owners of the SMEs of each city, we will reach tipping points for change and we will reform the entire nation. This teaching is not theory; for the first time this is taught from decades of front line Kingdom Business experience.

This teaching is not theory; for the first time this is taught from decades of front line Kingdom Business experience.


For centuries Christians have benchmarked their faith on church attendance and mission minded charity.  We have brought the gospel of salvation to communities all over the world and followed up with salvation-centric discipleship.  There are not many places on Earth which the “Gospel of Salvation” has not reached.

But despite centuries of Christian evangelism, this “great joy, peace, and goodwill to all mankind” has never taken hold.  We still live in a world which is saturated with social and economic distress, the symptoms of which are getting worse, always becoming unmanageable, eventually imploding.

This does not reflect the presence of the Kingdom of God on earth.  Why is this ?



If we dig deep enough, we inevitably find that the root cause of almost all social distress and human misery is our culture of greed and self-centredness.  A culture of maximising self-interest at the expense of others.

Given the extent of the social and economic distress in our cities we can conclude the trading and social activities of the vast majority of all SMEs, including those owned by Christians, is driven by greed and self-centredness.  This needs to be reversed.

If every time we do a deal, we seek to take everything for ourselves and we leave nothing on the table for our counterparties, they will eventually descend into financial hardship.  As we continue to do this, we trigger systemic poverty and as humans become “dumbed down” into poverty their ability to create wealth is eventually nullified.

This is the counterculture of the Kingdom of God and it alienates man from his Creator.



If we change the culture of greed and self-centredness to one of caring and sharing in the marketplace, just as Jesus taught us to do, we will create universal prosperity and human flourishing, and along with the Gospel of Salvation we will steadily bring the Kingdom of God into the marketplaces of our Cities, which in turn will transform the whole nation.

If we do His will His way, God will apply His favour, and we will move into that area of supernatural multiplication so common in the Bible yet so rare amongst Christians in the modern marketplace.  And as we apply this, wealth becomes infinite.  Then there is so much more to go around.

It is the fruit of this multiplication which yields the excess funds for SMEs to enable them to deal with the human misery.  Since they are the engine rooms of the economies of the cities, it is their influence and the affluence, coupled with the Gospel of Salvation, which will change the culture of greed and self-centredness and bring the Kingdom of God into the cities.

This is not a random prosperity message; the influence and the affluence are used to transform the marketplace.  They are the “tools of the trade.”



According to the theory of tipping points you only have to influence 10% of a people group to reach a tipping point for change.  However, when it comes to businesspeople only 6% are required because business people are more committed.

If we can influence these SMEs to do business God’s way – we will change the whole city, because they are the engine-room of the city.

Our objective is to start multiple KI Chapters around the Globe in order to reach a tipping point in each respective city and nation.

If you would like to start a KI chapter click here. If you would like to find where our current chapters are located, please see map below.


KI teaching is delivered all over the world and we are asked to talk at Economic Summits, Conferences, Forums, Think Tanks, lecture at both secular and Christian universities, on the media both radio and TV, and of course at churches and church business groups.

KI teachings are a central part of the ISOM Marketplace Module. ISOM is the biggest online video Bible college in the world, with over 17,000 campuses and is taught in 72 languages in over 160 countries. In the next 3 years we will potentially reach over 40 million people with the marketplace module.


The model will be to have monthly KI meetings on any scale – from small home-groups to large auditorium style gatherings.

  • FREE Networking and delicious finger food starts the night.
  • Then, most importantly we will watch an inspirational video lesson from KI Membership site in numerical order.
  • Then the usual coffee and networking break.
  • Then we would would either listen to a guest speaker or workshop the message. Every message will have practical teachings attached that help you significantly build, develop and grow your business, ministry or church!



  • Finding your Assignment
  • Knowing Your Enemy,
  • How to Make Money with No Outlay – yes with now outlay!
  • How to do Spiritual due diligence – this will save you years of heartache.
  • Spiritual Identity in the marketplace – absolutely crucial if you are to exercise dominion over evil.
  • What is the concept and order of God’s progressive provision – from survival to overflow to multiplication, and why we should never try to circumvent it.
  • Working in Multiples – the Biblical norm
  • Your spiritual Covering – another crucial element which is so neglected and misunderstood.
  • Intimacy with the Lord – soooo crucial to your assignment.
  • Ousting Babylon from your business – would you even know if this was present?
  • Trading within the Jubilee Cycles – why we miss our opportunities.
  • Each of the 7 Mountains as they apply to us in the marketplace
  • And so much more

Where are the KI Chapters?

Currently KI has chapters in Australia and in selected locations around the Globe. Our objective is to expand the number of KI Chapters significantly in multiple cities and locations around the world. We are looking for leaders to start these chapters. If you feel you would like to be a part of this, please apply here.

If you would like to attend a KI Chapter, please see our events page for upcoming events and the opportunity to RSVP.