KI is has chapters all over the world and Dave Hodgson and his team speak at conferences, economic summits, churches, business groups, universities, and on the media.
Most of the KI chapters hold monthly meetings which are free and are open to the public, however some may charge a small fee to cover costs.
Enjoy an evening of coffee, tea and finger food with outstanding marketplace teaching, networking and business opportunities. If you would like to attend one of these events, please RSVP below or send an inquiry to the event organiser.


KI Jakarta Online

Mari ikut ke acara KI untuk komunitas orang Indonesia. Tema malam ini adalah “Mengaktifkan Tugas Anda di Dalam Kerajaan Tuhan bagian 1” Setiap individu di dalam Kerajaan Tuhan mempunyai tugas yang unik dan spesifik. Ketika kita menemukan dan mengaktifkan tugas itu dan selama kita melakukannya dengan sesuai dengan kehendak Tuhan, kita akan menarik kemurahaan hati [...]