Would you like to join us and be part of a movement that is positioned to change cities and nations? If the answer is YES, we welcome you to apply to start a KI Chapter in your community, town or city.om Business experience.


You do not need specific experience, but it is essential that you or your team has the following basic skills: 

  •  Ability to lead and build a team 
  • Organisational Skills to establish venue, catering and other requirements. 
  • Basic IT Skills to promote events through social media and email. KI will supply the logins and access for this. 
  • Commitment to regular meetings (usually every 1 or 2 months). 
  • Effective in verbal and written communication 
  • Basic Public Speaking skills to MC each KI Chapter 



 5:30pm – Team arrival & setup 

6:30pm – Attendees arrival (catering provided) 

7.00pm – Welcome attendees, opening prayer and introduce KI 

7:15pm – 1st Speaker (Biblical application in business) 

8:00pm – Break (possibly proceeded by sponsors) 

8:25pm – 2nd Speaker (Practical application in business) 

9:30pm – Wrap up, thank you and closing prayer 

10:00pm – Team leave (following clean up) 


Common Questions and Answers

What type of venue do I need ?

KI can be run from your home with a small group or at a public venue. This is generally a local church that supplies the venue for free of at a very low cost.

Is there a Cost?

For participants the cost is FREE.  For leaders there may be a cost. As a general rule the venue is free, so the main cost is in catering food. For a group of 50 people the cost could be $100?

How often are each KI’s run?

As a general rule that are run every month, but you can run them every 2 months if you elect to.

 How do we market each KI Event?

If you are a successful applicant we will supply you with all the systems to effectively market each event. This will include Facebook, Mailchimp and Email.

What if I have no experience?

It is okay if you have no experience. We will supply you with an operations manual on how to market through to the logistics of running a KI night.