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What is Kingdom Investors?

An international Marketplace Ministry that has reached over 64 Million people

Kingdom Investors is a unique marketplace ministry which intentionally teaches Christian men and women how to multiply their businesses to influence and change culture. These teachings are taught by business people who have built large multi-million dollar businesses that are making a global impact. The format of these teachings is offered through our membership program which includes podcasts, videos, interactive webinars and inspiring VLOGS!


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Join us for our regular webinars on a range of topics, from multiple teachers. Delegates from all over the world log on to hear teaching directly from the frontline of Kingdom business, delivered by Christian billionaires and millionaires who have decades of experience and accumulated wisdom to share with you.


Our videos will actually take you into the marketplace where we demonstrate our teachings at work in the various domains of Business, Arts, Media, Politics, Education, and even in Family.  


Our VLOGS will give you a perspective of KI’s international impact on the world stage.

I have been to many Christian group meetings in many different nations and KI is one of best I have ever attended.  The leaders and the attendees are men and women of integrity who have a genuine desire and heart for the Lord.  The content of the KI presentations go deep and cut to the heart.

I highly recommend KI to all serious Christian entrepreneurs, who want to structure and conduct their business in a Kingdom manner.

Fulton Sheen – 2 terms as Treasurer of Allegan County, Michigan and 3 terms in Legislature as Michigan’s 88th District State Representative

Why Kingdom Investors Exists


We  live in a world that is saturated with social and economic distress. The root cause of this, is an inbred Babylonian culture of  GREED AND SELF-CENTREDNESS, or a culture of MAXIMISING SELF-INTEREST AT THE EXPENSE OF OTHERS.  If we continue to live and trade like this, we will continue to create poor, desperate and starving people. Societies will reach a breaking point, resulting in Anarchy and Revolution.
There is a better way. If we replace this flawed culture by implementing the teachings of Kingdom Investors, a JUST NATION driven by a Preferred Economy will emerge. A nation with a strong social agenda, and economic culture, where all parties prosper and systemic poverty and all other human misery are intentionally eradicated.
By doing this, you will be part of a movement that is poised to change our nation and create a benchmark for other nations around the globe to follow.

Kingdom Investor teachings have reached over 60M people worldwide

KI teachings are heard in USA, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Thailand, Fiji, Samoa, Mauritius, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, South America, Central America, South Korea, and Australia.


Dave Hodgson is the founder and Managing Director of KI. In this video you will hear Dr Berin Gilfillan endorse Dave Hodgson’s teachings.
Dr Berin heads up ISOM, the world’s largest online video bible school with over 17,000 training sites, in 146 nations, in 70 languages.

Join Kingdom Investors Today


Join Kingdom Investors Today



Dave Hodgson founded Paladin Corporation in 2001. Since then Paladin has grown into an $850 million group of companies. This was achieved by trading “Gods Way” in the marketplace. The same biblical principles Dave has applied to build his corporation, he now lectures on around the world through Kingdom Investors. In 2017 Dave’s lectures reached over 64 million people world-wide and is continuing to expand.


Dave Leslie is our key senior lecturer, strategist and Jet Ski activist at KI.  Dave is a successful business man and international speaker who has addressed millions face to face over the past 20 years. David has imparted to CEO’s, Fortune 500 companies, political leaders, churches and not for profits. Davids passion is to teach marketplace place leaders how to activate their Assignment Gods Way, to see Gods Kingdom manifested throughout every nation on the earth.
“I first met Dave Hodgson on a flight from Los Angeles to Brisbane, Australia. It didn’t take long for me to figure out the lens through which he views life and business. As a pastor for four decades, I have taught a strong Kingdom message and endeavor to empower believers to fulfill their God-ordained purpose, whether it be in business or church ministry. While I am one of many voices saying and preaching the same thing, I haven’t seen many people actually living by Kingdom principles in business and prospering to a significant level that their influence is impacting the culture around them.

Dave’s message and life have converged into a full-blown example of Kingdom living and business acumen. His down to earth style and unassuming attitude make him an exceptional communicator with real life stories of adventure, making him a riveting listen.

When Dave spoke at my church in North Carolina, he left an amazing impression. Through the example of his life, people’s vision increased, a new belief in God’s capacity to provide, and a better understanding of our Kingdom assignment were imparted. People got to hear and meet someone living in Kingdom authority and abundance with sound biblical support and practical wisdom in application. He’s the real deal.

While Dave Hodgson is unique in the way he operates, I believe he is a great example of what and how God sees us all of us functioning as His people on the earth. Living out the scripture…Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

Pastor Lynton Turkington, Celebration Church. Raleigh, North Carolina. USA

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